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Asteranthera ovata

Archive entry 12.07.09

19th October 2008

A pretty little shrublet that scrambles and trails through the forests of Chile. Just about hardy, and likes humidity if it is to prosper. The flowers are quite sensational as you would expect from a Gesneriad.

7th June 2009

11th June 2012

19th June 2013

Not the easiest gesneriad to please, not even poarticularly hardy. There are Aeschynanthus that perform better and are less fragile. You might have gathered, there have been problems. The first one died, this is the second attempt and I can now record that it was no more successful. I will give it a third attempt (and who knows how many more after that) because there is a peculiar fascination about the Gesneriaceae that will always over-ride other considerations when an opportunity presents itself. it is at least a small consolation that every time I kill one I am supporting a nurseryman with more talent than me, and that even if I am not learning anything, I am exposing the darker crannies of my ignorance to the harsh light of reality.
Pictures from habitat show it growing is association with moss covered rocks at moderate altitudes. If there is a next time, then I will be keeping it warmer, moister and in the shade.
If that doesn't work, I will try swearing under my breath and then continue trying in blind ignorance until the metaphorical cows come home.
Hooked, you see.