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Aspidistra elatior 'Variegata'

3rd April 2005

Until this year I would have accepted established wisdom, that the 'Variegated' Aspidistra elatior is in reality the Japanese cultivar 'Okame'. During this year it has become clearer to me that I grow two similar but distinct clones of 'Variegated' Aspidistra elatior.

'Variegata' is a larger plant with broad upright leaves, tending to be striped rather than having broad cream sectors in the leaves.
'Okame' is smaller, with narrower leaves, making compact slightly flattened clumps. Once it forms a clump it looks a bit as though a cow could sit on it and do no real damage!. 'Variegata' is more spikily upright, and a cow would have too much sense!

24th September 2006

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