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Aspidistra 'Ginga'

28th March 2006

Another robust low grower that a cow could sit on without doing much damage. Fortunately Aspidistras are not best known for attracting tired bovines!

Narrow yellow spotted leaves in rapidly multiplying clumps. Very similar to 'Milky Way' as it is currently cultivated. I have been told that the true 'Milky Way' has both spots and stripes on the leaves, and if that is true, I have never seen the real thing.

27th November 2008

I have always treated 'Ginga' as a form of A.lurida, but it doesn't seem to fit the species description, particularly "(stigma) conspicuously filling the mouth of the perianth tube.." . In this case, the stigma is hardly even visible in the mouth of the perianth tube, so I retain the cultivar name, and the species will uncover itself in time.
There is a school of thought that identifies it as a form of A.elatior, but 'Ginga' grows leaves in distinct clusters rather than the (more or less) individual leaves of A.elatior.

27th November 2008

I have a couple of plants of 'Ginga' from different sources, because of the confusion with 'Milky Way'. This one came from the USA, and I am fairly certain it is true to name. I would say at this point that it is more congested in growth than 'Milky Way', but these are early days.