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Aspidistra linearifolia

8th April 2005

An astonishing strap leaved plant that you would never take for an Aspidistra if it weren't for the typical purple flowers.

Makes a solid tufty clump from a compact, non-spreading rootstock.
Possibly the same thing as my plant of A.caespitosa.

27th September 2005

9th October 2007

Thanks to Gary Dunlop for pictures of the flowers of A.minutiflora, which show that this is definitely not that species. It is also not A.caespitosa , which was my second thought, so I am left with the possibility of A.omeiensis and A.linearifolia. I will wait for my young plants to flower and see what I think.

27th November 2008

My plant came from Plant Delights Nursery as A.minutiflora, but they have now identified it as a form of A.linearifolia. My plant may be the clone they have just named 'Skinny Dippin' , with a distinct pale zone along the midrib (but I don't have that clone to compare it with, and I don't know how many clones they originally grew as A.minutiflora) .

20th September 2009