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Beesia calthifolia

31st August 2008

A gorgeous fresh looking Chinese buttercup with wonderful evergreen leaves (don't eat it, the Ranunculaceae are spitefully anti-digestible). White flowers, I present the two parts separately here because my young plant has yet to co-ordinate a suitable ensemble.

31st August 2008

8th March 2009

It is surviving in a pot, but I get the feeling that it would be much happier in the ground.

28th August 2011

I have finally found a corner in moist shade (under a Leyland Cypress where the ground water flows) where it can be happy. I am delighted, because where it is good, it is quite wonderful and I have spent a couple of years with it looking dejected. It is now starting to clump up and the evergreen leaves are always bright and appealing.
Once included within Cimicifuga and now thought to be the more primitive ancestor from which Cimicifuga evolved. It is named after the nursery, Bees of Chester who sponsored expeditions to China by both George Forrest and Frank Kingdon-Ward. Plants currently in cultivation are from a collection by Dan Hinckley on the Zhongdian Plateau in Yunnan in 1996.
Said to be easily propagated by seed, I am happy enough to have found somewhere to suit it, I'm not too worried that it hasn't yet set any!

4th June 2012