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Benthamiella patagonica

1st May 2016

There is a strong breeze blowing through the collection, and it is an alpine breeze though in this case it is blowing over Patagonia. Benthamiella is a strange cushion forming solanum from the dry steppes of Argentina and Chile. Flower colour varies from yellow to white. One of this years little surprises.

2nd March 2020

Well I killed the last one, time for another try. I bought this one from Aberconwy Nursery at the AGS show in Theydon Bois. It comes with the collection number F&W.10111 (white).
Their label says:
"Very compact clone of this choice cushion forming perennial from South America, related to Fabiana. Small, narrow, entire leaves with solitary, almost sessile tubular white flowers in early summer. Still new to cultivation, good drainage but moist, good light, protection from bad weather in winter."