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Berberis panlanensis

21st April 2006

It's a horrible picture - sorry about that. A large greyish green shrub with milky green flowers. If it flowered freely in large showy clusters, it would be the most wonderful Berberis ever. Unfortunately, it only produces them as scattered singles. It is always marketed at flower arrangers because of the green flowers, but it is completely useless for them - the foliage looks rather dusty and the flowers are short lived.

10th February 2008

It is the sort of evergreen shrub that occupies space without causing offense or elation, so the tiny flowers are the only real point. From time to time I wander out to see if it is flowering, and it usually manages a small reward.

12th April 2009

I bought it 25 years ago from Sandra Bond. Over the years it has interested me, but never really been amazing so unfortunately this year it's time ran out. During the summer I built an extension to the greenhouse and the Berberis was in the way. Too large to transplant and too troublesome to propagate, sadly I decided to simply grub it out and move on, so unless I decide to make room for another, this is the last of Berberis panlanensis!