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Berberis thunbergii 'Helmond Pillar'

12th August 2012

Berberis thunbergii is a lovely thing in both its green and purple leaved forms. If I ever had anything in the way of autumn colour the foliage would burn in autumn like a newspaper in an AGA stove. Unfortunately I don't get autumn colour, and the typical plant embraces the garden with long arching arms. 'Helmond Pillar' grows vertically upright and overcomes some of the drawbacks of the typical plant. When I bought it, I planted it in an island border with some tastefull Bergenia and some Eucalyptus saplings. Now they are trees, the Bergiania are all gone and I have dug up the Berberis and moved it back into the sun.
It seems to appreciate the move and now it is tastefully underplanted with Colchicum.

27th June 2015

12th June 2018

It has rapidly grown to about 2m tall and I assume that from now on the tight columnar structure will start to fall apart. Fortunately I am confident that it will take a severe trimming and still recover. I am very fond of it, wouldn't like to lose it, and have no intention of propagating any more. One is sufficient.