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Berkheya multijuga

Archive entry 15.07.12

14th August 2011

Berkheya is a genus of South African thistles. In recent years Berkheya purpurea has become very fasionable. I'm giving this one a try because I didn't know the species and the best way to find out is often to grow it.
It will probably be short lived here, I doubt it likes a moist atmosphere and it isn't especially hardy. If it makes it through the winter it should produce large yellow flowers throughout the summer.

15th July 2012

It has survived the winter and produced the yellow flowers that were promised. Even without them, the foliage is quite magnificent.

28th July 2016

13th July 2017

From the mountains of the Eastern Cape, South Africa at altitudes up to 3,000m above sea level where it will experience low temperatures but not have to endure winter wet.