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Begonia 'Arctic Breeze'

9th November 2005

A strong growimg silver leaved rhizomatous Begonia that forms large rounded domes of foliage. It produces short upright stems of leaves and has pale pinkish flowers at the end of summer.

In the winter it has defoliated quite badly in a frost free greenhouse, but has regrown vigorously as soon as the spring starts to warm up.

For a couple of years it was sold by Sainsburys, so it is probably quite widespread now, although house plants have a notoriously short life expectancy, so they may all have been killed!

26th October 2006

9th October 2008

1st August 2009

Many of the Begonia survived last winter, but they have been slow to regrow. In retrospect I should have kept them warmer in the summer, and fed them more generously to help them prepare again for the winter.