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Begonia 'Benitochiba'

Introduced in 1973 by Misono in Japan, this striking silver and purple leaved hybrid has become a popular and distinctive addition to the range of cultivars available.

A cross between Begonia.'Filigree' and Begonia luxurians, the fingered leaves are inherited from Bregonia luxurians. It also inherits a slightly more tender nature than the traditional Rex Group Begonias, and fleshy upright stems.

These fingered forms defoliate in a cold greenhouse, and the upright stems can die back, but as long as it is dry and there is good air circulation, it will regrow in spring from the basal cluster of rhizomes.I have had problems with fungus diseases damaging the leaves in humid conditions, but I now grow it outside for most of the year, and it prospers. Last year it stood outside in light shade until November, and will go outside again in April.

The picture was taken in November, just before it came into the greenhouse again.

14th November 2009

This is gaining a reputation for hardiness and it continues to perform well here in the greenhouse.