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Begonia boliviensis

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3rd July 2005

Begonia boliviensis was one of the species that contributed to the development of the modern tuberous Begonias, though its impact is clearer in the 'Pendula' types than in the fat double 'Tuberhybrida' forms often grown as bedding.

In recent years it has been re-introduced from the mountains of Bolivia and northern Argentina and its astonishing elegant scarlet fountains of flower have been captivating. Growing from a tuber, the new shoots in spring rapidly rise to about 3' tall, and then produce flowers from the tips of the growth from June until the first frosts end the seasonal growth. The tubers are proving to be remarkably hardy, though they will probably resent heavy wet soils in winter. They are easily lifted and stored if required.

A wonderful plant for a tub in a shady location.

15th August 2006

15th August 2006

20th July 2006

15th August 2007

30th April 2008

17th July 2009

This one is wonderful growing with a black leaved Colocasia. Not a classic combination, but it is a self-sown seedling and I'm not going to interfere.

21st August 2011

9th September 2012

25th August 2016

3rd August 2019

It has been a while since I repropagated B. boliviensis, this seemed like the ideal year to allow it to set seed and start some youngsters. Unfortnately I snapped the fleshy stem while dragging a hose around the greenhouse so it will have to be next year.