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Begonia boliviensis Hybrid

29th June 2008

A couple of years ago I did some hybrids between Begonia boliviensis and a "Pendula" tuberous Begonia. The seedlings have grown into compact plants with broader tepals. I was hoping to add to the colour range of the "boliviensis" style plants, but I will have to wait for the next generation to see what is possible.
In an ideal world, I would have used a yellow or white Pendula Begonia, but all I had available at the time was a pink one (though it was as double as a shot of whisky on New Years eve), so I am also waiting to see how much variability I have managed to introduce.
A number of similar plants have appeared on the market in the last two years, so I don't think I am the only person going down this route!

17th November 2012