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Begonia emeiensis

13th October 2006

A species that has been recently introduced from Mount Emei by Dan Hinckley in 1998. Hardy here, in the autumn the top of the leaf petioles swell up and form a tuberous nodule that falls to the ground with the deciduous leaves, and sprout into new plants in the spring.

13th October 2006

13th October 2006

10th January 2009

Turned to pulp during the winter for the first time. I thought that this would be the end of it, but it has regrown. Fortunately I also have plants in the Hedychium house which were less badly affected (bigger pots, more overhead protection).

2nd December 2011

Some spare plants have been put out in the shade border where they enjoy the cool moist conditions. As long as I remember they are there and don't weed them out in a fit of enthusiasm, then it should be a good addition to the undergrowth.

5th September 2012

5th November 2013