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Begonia pedatifida

9th August 2005

This deciduous species from the Himalayas is proving fairly hardy, and makes good clumps of jagged green leaves with large white flowers through the summer. The new growth is an extraordinary pink in some forms. Previously listed here as B.palmata , but I think this is the correct name.

18th March 2006

The spring growth arises from the fat creeping rhizomes and makes sturdy clumps. I find this much more satisfactory as a hardy Begonia than B. grandis ssp evansiana which can be a little precious about the whole 'living' thing.

I can never resist the urge to meddle with good plants like this, and have tried to pollinate it with the best of the Rex Group hybrids, but so far without success.

23rd March 2007

This form has wonderful bright red petioles. In early spring the new growth is the brightest thing in the garden.

23rd March 2007

This form has greener petioles, and is lower growing.
Just as a footnote, I think both of these plants are actually B.pedatifida rather than B.palmata.

15th August 2013