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Begonia sillhetensis ssp. mengyangensis

21st December 2016

Introduced by Michael Wickenden at Cally Gardens. He described it as having:

White night-scented flowers at ground level beneath brilliant green leaves..."

19th March 2019

There is some disagreement about the spelling of the species name. I have gone with B. sillhetensis in accord with The Plant List online. The Flora of China goes with B. silletensis.
The type subspecies comes from north east India, Myanmar and northern Thailand but the subspecies B. sillhetensis ssp. mengyangensis comes from south and south west Yunnan. It grows in primary tropical forests in shaded, moist environments at moderately low elevations (up to about 800m). It seems to be remarkably cold tolerent under the circumstance.
In the Agave house it suffered from the dry conditions but I have moved it into a moister greenhouse and it seems to be growing better.