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Begonia 'Silver Splendor'

7th November 2010

A good new introduction from the USA. It seems to be hardy but it hasn't been thoroughly tested yet.

14th October 2014

11th October 2018

A fabulous hybrid between B. hemsleyana and B. taliensis raised by Dan Heims in Oregon and distributed by TerraNova Nursery. Protected by Plant Patent PP21,946 P2.
It has been dropped from their production list, but their catalogue description read:

"Bred by Dan Heims from hardy Chinese species, this upright begonia is unlike any other Begonia! Smooth, platinum splashed, palmate leaves, look like a silver leaf Japanese maple in the garden. Candy pink, heart-shaped flowers appear in late summer. Zone 7b hardy. American Begonia Society 'Distinctive hybrid' award in 2009."