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Billbergia 8387

Archive entry 19.06.26

22nd March 2011

Rather a sad looking plant, it has been under a bench for years and is starting to suffer (I have now split it and repotted it). It came to me as an unidentified Aechmea on 8th March 1987 and that is about as much as I can say about it. It has survived for many years, it has never flowered, and I have a suspicion that it is actually a Billbergia.

14th September 2013

Well, I have no doubt it is really a Billbergia. It still hasn't flowered, but a division in the Agave house is growing well, and anything is possible!

25th June 2016

I think this is actually Billbergia pyramidalis though I will take a year or two to change the label.