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Bletilla Brigantes Desirable

Archive entry 07.06.09

21st June 2009

A hybrid between B.striata and B.ochracea which usually has deep pink flowers, so this very pale form is unexpected, and rather lovely. I have had it for a long time without seeing any flowers, but I have recently stopped being so fussy with the Bletilla and they have responded by flowering.
This clone came from Desirable Plantsand I have appended their name to identify the clone.

27th June 2009

It is getting better year on year. I get problems with Bletilla that have been dried off and sold as rhizomes. It seems to take them a couple of years to produce enough root to 'occupy' the pot, and in the meantime they are very susceptible to overwatering. Possibly they have long lived roots, destroyed when they are dried off. Possibly they produce new roots for a limited season. Whatever the reason I don't feel confident with them until they have been in the pot for a couple of years. Once they are established they are fairly trouble free.
The point of all this? I think this one has now grown out of the danger period!

12th June 2016

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