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Bletilla striata 'Junpaku'

Bletilla striat 'Junpaku'

18th June 2010

I am a lttle uncertain about the proper identity for the name. A number of Japanese selections of the species have been introduced in recent years and names may have been mixed in the process.
'Junpaku' is usually shown as a white flowered cultivar but mine is clearly pink. The most distinctive feature of my plant is the yellow variegated foliage and I think this may be the cultivar 'Gotemba Stripes'.
I think it has now established safely in the pot, and though I don't expect it to be vigorous I am hoping it will increase slowly.
The variegation produces narrow yellow stripes and streaks through the entire leaf, unlike the more common white variegated forms, where the variegation is mostly confined to the leaf margins.

Bletilla striat 'Junpaku'

6th May 2019

A replacement for the earlier plant which died while I was still working out how to grow Bletilla. Not a problem because it is supoposed to be white flowered and not variegated!