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Bulbine caulescens

7th June 2006

A small fleshy bulb that I bought in a fit of enthusiasm, and then discovered that it produced seed in a wild attempt to overwhelm the world. Fortunately, before I had a chance to regret its presence, the winter killed it. I still expect to see some tiny seedlings popping up in the surrounding pots. Second time around, it isn't going to be quite so welcome.

4th May 2008

I was right in my assumption that I would be seeing more seedlings. I have removed all of the seed capsules from it this year, but it will probably persist. I don't mind it, just that it comes up in pots of other bulbs and then slowly displaces the rightful occupants. I had a moment of regret when I thought that I had allowed the frost to kill it, but it passed when I discovered seedlings germinating around the place.