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Callistemon laevis

18th June 2014

In the chaoas of obstinacy and nature that make up gardening, there is a continual stream of plants of all descriptions hammering at the gate for admission. Some hammer harder than others, some are listened to with more attention. In this way and that things arrive. In this case I was offered this seedling when it was about a foot tall for 2.00 and I am quite fond of Callistemon. They come from Australia. It is a little thing, but it is enough to tip the balance in their favour.
C. laevis is known to withstand a couple of degrees of frost so it has a fair chance in the garden, it I ever get around to planting it out. There are a couple of other species in the garden, one of them dwarfed under a 30ft Griselinia that wasn't there when it was planted. This one is in a pot for now, being charming in a general and rather aimless way but it can't stay there forever.
Whatever happens, it will have to rely on good fortune for the future, but that seems to be working out for it so far.

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