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Calopogon tuberosus f. alba

Archive entry 14.06.15

12th June 2015

The Grass Pink is one of the loveliest American orchids, and it has defeated all of my attempts to grow it. I sometimes think I should stop trying, just plant it in a pot and forget about it for a year or two. Sometimes too much cleverness can cause the problem.
This white form was grown from a seedling and reached flowering size after three years. After flowering it disappeared and the tuber shrunk to almost nothing. If it survives it will take a long time to recover. It may be that even in habitat they grow from seed to flower, and then die. Many of our native orchids behave similarly.
It is a marsh orchid but often these things are very specific in their requirements. It could be that I still have to find the ideal level of the water table for it to prosper.