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Camellia 'Betty Sheffield'

21st April 2006

A pretty pale pink flower with a white edge. Makes a compact shrub with deep green glossy leaves. The pale flowers can end up looking like polka-dots on an elephant.

8th April 2007

30th March 2008

3rd April 2009

1st May 2010

11th May 2013

12th May 2016

The International Camellia register says:

" A seedling of Mrs F.L. Gibson, planted 1944 and grown by Mrs A.B. Sheffield, Thomasville, Georgia, USA. A most unstable camellia with a great number of sports, many often sporting on to other forms. "

27th March 2019

It was getting too big...

8th November 2019

... so I reduced it a little. I don't think it will flower this year.


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