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Camellia 'Contessa Lavinia Maggi'

5th April 2006

Pinkish flowers , striped and speckled with red. A vigorous shrub with something of the 'Debbie' about it (think Essex girl, think cosmetic dentistry!)

26th January 2008

3rd April 2009

14th March 2010

2nd March 2013

12th March 2016

12th February 2020

A very old variety from Italy, raised by Onofrio Maggi some time in the middle of the 19th century.By 1862 the RHS had awarded it a first class certificate. In the original description the flowers had a pure white background with red flecks, the petals very tightly imbricated. My plant is looser and has a distinct pink tinge.


  • International Camellia Society online Camellia register, https://internationalcamellia.org