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Camellia 'Cornish Spring'

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1st January 2015

A vigorous upright cultivar with masses of small single pink flowers. A hybrid between C. cuspidata and C. japonica 'Rosea Simplex' bred by Miss O. G. G. Carlyon at Tregrehan in 1973. One of the first of her crosses between species and forms of C. japonica. Award of Merit from the RHS in 1986.

22nd February 2019

Gallagher comments in The American Camellia Yearbook for 1976:

"Two seeds from Miss Carlyon's first series of crosses are interesting. The first was C.japonica 'Rosa Simplex' x C.cuspidata. One has been named Cornish Spring. The flowers favour C.cuspidata being small singles, but they are bright pink in colour. Covered head to foot in their pink blossoms, they make a wonderful addition to the garden. The flowers are followed by the very bronze foliage typical of C.cuspidata."


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