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Camellia 'Dazzler'

Archive entry 17.11.23

30th April 2021 23rd December 2021
Poor little abandoned camellia! I bought it in 2004 and have hardy noticed it since. About 15 years ago I planted it out, along with a number of others, in the camellia walk. All of them were trimmed back repeatedly by the deer so I lost track of what was what. Eventually I put enough protection around them to keep the deer off, and they have slowly recovered.
In the intervening years this has formed a small, lax shrub and acquired a Cornus growing through it. The Cornus seed might have been in the original pot, or it might be a seedling from my C. 'Norman Haddon'. I am going tgo wait and see how the situation develops.
This is a Camellia hiemalis selection raised by Nuccio's Nursereies in Altadena, California and first listed in 1960.


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