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Camellia 'Desire'

Archive entry 17.01.21

20th March 2009

New to me this year and still small. The great danger with double Camellia is that they are so perfect that they look ridiculous when growing on the bush. Case in point I suspect.

18th April 2010

It is planted at the top of the garden, where the wild things are and that probably wasn't the most carefully selected position (there was a space). I had been pleased with it because it was an almost white double that didn't seem to get too discoloured if the frost got it. Possibly it is just late flowering and escapes the worst damage. This year it has demonstrated that if it gets hit by the frost it follows the white cultivars in looking like soiled laundry.
Raised by David Feathers in Lafayette, California and bloomed first in 1973.


  • International Camellia Society online Camellia register, https://internationalcamellia.org