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Camellia 'Macdonald's Seedling'

13th March 2013

There are thousands of Camellia cultivars and with a very few exceptions they are white or pink, the sort of pink chosen for emulsion paint rather than watercolour. The point being there are plenty, the range is limited and I am not easily impressed.
The flowers can be individually perfect but they often look silly on the branches, however it is nothing compared to their silliness in exhibitions. Which brings us to a local flower show this spring, where the individual silly blooms were displayed in individual disposable cups (very practical) like the prizes in a raffle where you try to sneak out before the tickets are drawn. So when 'Macdonalds Seedling' stood out from all the others, I was happy it was something special.
Long story, but that's why I bought it. Not so outstanding in the unforgiving light of the real world but I am happy to give it a try.

20th March 2014