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Cautleya spicata 'Bleddyn's Beacon'

21st September 2017

A named selection from Crug Farm Plants collected under the number BSWJ.2408.

"One of the best forms we have grown, outperforming in flower, any of our other collections. Which means the plant's energy is concentrated on flowering rather than increasing at the root, unfortunately meaning it is in short supply. Of a stocky nature with strong dark red stems (hence old species name of C. robustum, not the cultivar) bearing longer than normal terminal inflorescences of dark red overlapping bracts with sizeable protruding yellow flowers over a long period June to October. Easily grown in any type of humus rich but drained soil in sun to light shade, protect the rhizomes from freezing in cold areas, with a mulch. Hardy to -15C. Our collection from the Darjeeling area of northern India. "