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Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Filifera'

13th September 2009

Many years ago I bought this as a tiny rooted cutting, and it has been here , there and everywhere while I looked for a suitable place for it. About ten years ago I dug it up again and planted it temporarily out of the way, and promptly forgot it. Unfortunately, it is now in the way again and too large to move (I think). The plan is to root some cuttings, and then try to move the parent, if I have the time during winter, and the energy! (and I'm still not sure where to move it to).

13th March 2011

24th October 2015

I have prevaricated for long enough. Shortly after this picture was taken it was cut down. Unfortunately I have no replacement for it but I also have nowhere to plant another, so it might be for the best.