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Chamaerops humilis

22nd November 2008

In the last decade the large the big DIY stores (amongst others) have discovered the idea of importing cheap large plants from southern Europe and North Africa, and then selling them on at bargain prices through the summer. Whatever to pro's and con's of this strategy, I have to admit I enjoy some of the cheap wonders that are available as a consequence. Not all of them are hardy, but this Chamaerops should be no problem.
It has come into the greenhouse for the winter, but only to keep it free of the tiresome but trivial leaf damage that can occur in cold winds.

7th January 2010

A dusting of snow to remind the plant that it will have to go out eventually.

13th January 2014

The plan to plant it out came to nothing, in the end I gave it to a friend who was looking for one. As the trees grow the garden is getting shadier and I really didn't have anywhere suitable to plant it.