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Chlorophytum comosum

17th September 2005

The spider plant is a very common houseplant around the world. The variegated cultivars are the most commonly seen. The green leaved form is only seen rarely but easily grown from seed of the variegated spider plant. If you check out the charity shops, sooner or later a plant will appear potted in mud in a plastic cup. I have a fund raising stall for the Boys Brigade to thank for this plant.

Chlorophytum comosum has long fleshy leaves that are easily bent, and will not then bounce back into shape, so it is worth taking some care in handling it. Although common and tolerant of neglect, it can be a handsome plant when prospering, and is worth nurturing.

It is surprisingly hardy, and will grow outside for me if it gets some protection from the worst the frost. I grow it under the shelter of a conifer and put a dustbin lid over it on really frosty nights , and it survives, but it looks a bit sad through the spring and takes a couple of months to recover.

19th October 2008

Looking rather tatty in the shade of some Hedychium. It really needs a bit more care, I think!

16th October 2009