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Cinnamomum camphora

8th September 2019

I have a Cinnamomum species in the greenhouse that I obtained years ago as C. japonicum. The name has always been a matter of debate but I don't know the genus well enough to form an opinion. I say "in the greenhouse", it is mostly in the greenhouse, having rooted through the pot many years ago it now tries to squeeze through any tiny gap it can find and has to be cut back rather savagely from time to time.
However it is a thing of delight though I would be pressed to find a good rea#son for that. It has filled me with enthusiasm for the genus
Words can scarecely express my joy in finding a plant of Cinnamomum comphora for sale in the houseplant section of a garden centre. Unfortunately I found it on a day when the cash reserves were looking distinctly stretched and the price tag was very significant. Ruefully, I walked away from it. It would probably have been too tender for me anyway. I didn't sleep well, the next day I went back for it and it had gone. Gloom.
So I was very pleased to be offered this one years later. I snapped it up with glee and we shall see if it is hardy here!