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Cinnamomum japonicum

30th January 2011

Cinnamomum is a genus of tropical evergreen trees but this one comes from Japan, China and Taiwan and is more cold tolerant than most. I have had it in the greenhouse for a couple of years and was hoping that it would grow outside. In most years it starts into early growth and is then frosted. If I get to it, I will root some cuttings before I try it outside. Alternatively I will plant it in the Hedychium House and worry about what to do when it reaches the roof.

15th August 2014

23rd August 2018

It has now reached the roof of the Hedychium house and my only solution has been to cut it down and hope it sprouts again. It may be that the time has come to dig it out and plant it somewhere in the garden, I have not seen any winter damage on it in the Hedychium house.