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Clematis 'Bees Jubilee'

27th May 2012

A large flowered hybrid which is a bit deeper in colour (in the greenhouse) than it would be outside. I was offered some very cheap rooted cuttings and they have been in the greenhouse for a couple of years while I try to find something to do with them. In the meantime I am enjoying the ridiculous flowers.

30th May 2013

Named in 1958 to celebrate 25 years of operation for Bees of Chester, the nursery originally started by A.K. Bulley in 1903. Bulley built a fortune as a cotton merchant and used it to fund expeditions by plant hunters, particularly in the Himalayas and China. Primula bulleyana was named after him. In later years he bought 60 acres of land near Ness in Cheshire and built the house and garden that later became Ness Botanic Garden.