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Clematis montana 'Elizabeth'

Archive entry 15.05.11

29th May 2006

A large pink flowered form. This one is looking a bit pale because it is being heavily shaded by the tree it is supposed to be climbing. It has settled looping a few stems over a six foot branch and then dangling down again. One day I will be passing and realise that it has eaten the tree whole.

24th May 2008

It has been a bit slow growing, it has to compete with some established trees, but it has started to fling its arms upwards in embrace.

7th May 2011

30th May 2014

It turns out that my plant is not 'Elizabeth' but a large growing and rather ordinary form of the species. It is the unfortunate consequence of modern mass poroduction. It's a bit late to worry about that sort of thing as it swallows up another tree!