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Clianthus puniceus

5th July 2014

One of those sad shrubs that I would love to grow. This is the latest victim of my love, in general they prefer more sun than I can easily arrange and a drier soil reduces the impact of slug damage. This one didn't make it as far as flower so it was one of my more feeble attempts (there have been several). Slugs moved in, removed all the leaves, stripped the bark and left the twigs as a reminder of their feast. I shouldn't try it again, possibly I won't.
I have a short section of south facing wall on the house, and planted there I have a chance of it reaching 2m tall, the branches strung with large red flowers in late spring. Critically endangered in New Zealand (but common in cultivation) it would be nice to see it griowing in the garden though I have only ever seen it really prospering in a cold greenhouse.