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Clivia miniata var citrina

Archive entry 09.05.21

12th May 2007

The first yellow Clivia was discovered in 1892 in KwaZulu-Natal. I continue to use the name var citrina to circumscribe all of the yellow flowered forms of C.miniata, although it is confusing taxonomically. At most, the yellow flower would be seen as a forma, to modern eyes. It might be more appropriate to refer to them all as 'Citrina'.
There is more than one gene capable of causing yellow flowers, and at least two different strains of yellow Clivia exist, that do not produce yellow flowered seedlings when crossed together.

20th July 2010

Yellow berries demonstrating the peculiar ability of clivia seeds to germinate while still in the berry.

24th May 2016

8th May 2019