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Clivia miniata 'Dark Orange'

I am not really a Clivia grower, and it is best if I start by pointing that out. In recent years the Clivia world has become very specialised. There is a fabulous book by Harold Koopowitz called 'Clivias' published by Timber Press,2002, which is stuffed with useful and interesting information and pictures.

I do grow a few plants, if I like the look of them. This dark orange seedling was the darkest from a commercial batch. The best way to obtain good plants is to look through mixed seedlings and pick out the ones you like. Most of the newer colours are available commercially only as seed, or as young plants for serious money. Under perfect conditions seed of some of the modern commercial varieties can produce flowers in two or three years. On the other hand, I have a seedling, currently about 15cm tall, that was sown in 1984. I am not a naturally patient person, so I find this quite trying!

11th March 2007

19th April 2007

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