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Clivia miniata "Disturbed Leaf"

24th December 2006

I pulled this out of a batch of flowering pot plants because it had a couple of distorted leaves, with ridges running along their length. It also produced a few greenish parts in the flowers. It seemed that it might become interesting. As it transpires, it has become duller! Now it is just an ordinary flowering Clivia.

8th April 2007

31st March 2008

Just when I had accepted that it was a fairly ordinary plant, it started to develop an interesting circular arrangement in the leaves, rather than the usual arrangement of leaves in two distinct ranks. Among Chinese seedlings this strain is called 'Angshan', though I was surprised to see it in a European plant.

3rd May 2008

The quality of the flowers is improving as the plant matures , as well.

20th July 2009

8th August 2010

21st April 2016