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Coelogyne cristata 'Alba'

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1st April 2012

There is a rather wistful feeling about showing this plant. Coelogyne is almost cold tolerant enough to survive here in the greenhouse but I have a feeling it is not close enough. I will do my best to protect it on a windowsill or in the growing cabinet. Coelogyne is one of my favourite genera of orchids and I would love to grow it successfully. Still, I can't help feeling it will have to endure a lot of abuse on the road ahead.

3rd June 2019

A species from the Himalayas where it grows at altitudes up to 2,600m, it also occurs in Sikkim and Java. It grows in moist environments among moss.

2nd May 2020

Who could possibly imagime that twelve years after I obtained it, the plant would still be growing in the greenhouse. For a couple of years I moved it into the house for the winter but eventually it was left in the greenhouse and it has repeatedly survived winter including events like the Beast from the East, without showing damage. It flowers freely and increases rapidly. A quite wonderful orchid.