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Colchicum autumnale

Archive entry 29.11.15

3rd December 2015

This is the first flowering of Colchicum autumnale in the woods at the top of the garden. I want to cover the ground with C. 'Waterlily' so that I get a final display from the woodland space before the year sinks towards winter. To advance that aim, I planted C. autumnale to confirm that a Colchicum would thrive in that location. Immediately afterwards I got impatient and started planting the C. 'Waterlily' anyway. They have done well but the C. autumnale seems to has disappeared. Perhaps it will suddenly flower one day and I will be surprised by its re-appearance.
It is one of the most widespread species in Europe, occurring in a broad band from Portugal east to the Ukraine with populations in the UK that could be natural or ancient introductions.