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Cornus nuttallii 'Portlemouth'

1st June 1999

An old picture of a large shrub that no longer grows in the garden. I have cherished memories of a slender tree growing in a garden that has now been destroyed. For a moment in late spring the large greenish-white flowers would shimmer on the end of the arching twigs, slipping in and out of the dappled shade. Glimpses of the blue sky, the white flowers bright then dark. Illumination coming and going. It was probably only a brief moment but I remember it still and have tried to recreate it by planting the Cornus but the moment has gone, the garden has gone and the memory is sweeter than the Cornus I put in ever was.
Years later I have the gently swaying trees that give glimpses of the blue sky and it is probably time to try again.