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Colocasia esculenta

2nd November 2005

The Taro is grown for its starchy tubers throughout the tropics. The tubers are inedible until boiled or roasted.

A great many varieties have arisen as crop plants, and in recent years there have been selections made for their ornamental merit. This vigorous broad leaved green selection has been grown locally as a water plant. I grow it in the greenhouse because I prefer to see it prospering lushly than struggling pitifully outside, but who knows, global warming, or I might strike oil . Until then, I think it will probably remain where it is.

12th September 2006

14th September 2007

This tuber came from a DIY superstore. I have it just because it was cheap, and differently shaped than my other tubers.

30th June 2007

This is the plant growing well at Wisley, in the new glasshouse. I am almost tempted to build a new glasshouse just for mine! (though I think the budget will be a little different).

12th September 2006

A tuber of Colocasia esculenta that came from Otter Nursery. It seems to be fairly typical of the species.

17th August 2008

Strange, Colocasia are not very hardy, and tend to be short lived, but this one has survived longer than the DIY chain that sold it to me! It forms a single large central tuber which I am now informed places it within Colocasia esculenta var antiquorum.

1st August 2009