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Colocasia esculenta 'Black Marble'

10th September 2005

These wonderful leaves photograph well, but when growing it is very like 'Black Magic'. In the winter these Colocasias slowly fade as start to decay and collapse. These black leaved forms seem to be more resistant to cold than the green ones, but the difference is slight.

In a good year they will last in part until the new growth starts in may or june. In a bad year the leaves are gone by december, and in that case the tubers are best stored dry until the weather warms up.

12th September 2006

9th September 2007

A sport from Colocasia esculenta 'Burgundy Stem' from Agri-starts in Florida. My plant has more black and less green than their promotional material shows, but mottled variegations are usually rather variable.

17th August 2008

Surprisingly this one hasn't prospered with me as well as 'Black Magic', which is supposed to be the troublesome one!