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Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'

6th February 2018cryptomeriajaponicalobbiinana060218

I have had a long affection for the many forms of Cryptomeria japonica and have grown many of them, most during the 1980's when my photographic record was less complete. This one dates from those years and had a short spell in a pot. It them endured a career as a moderately successful bonsai tree in a dish, and I finally took pity on it and planted it out about a decade ago.
Since then it has grown vigorously and become an attractive small shrub. It is, almost inevitably, in the wrong place now but at present I am inclined to leave it alone. I obtained it as 'Lobbii Nana' so long ago that the name has become engrained in me, but 'Globosa Nana' is correct.
The bare lower branches reflect its bonsai past rather than the natural habit of the cultivar.