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Cycas revoluta

28th January 2006

The Sago Palm is commonly grown as a houseplant. It seems to do well in the conservatory, and they are trying it outside at the Eden Project. Last time I saw them, they were looking rather sick, but with luck they will succeed (and then I might try it). Very slow growing.
Foolishly, I put this one in its pot on the bare soil in the greenhouse and it has now rooted through. It has grown really well, but there will be problems when I have to move it.

19th October 2008

I bought this one earlier in the year. I quite like the thought of a little plantation of them, but I don't think they will make it outside. It has been tried outside at the Eden Project, but they are not prospering.

16th October 2009

This one stayed in the greenhouse all winter, where the temperatures dropped to -5degC, and as a result all the leaves died, however it was able to produce a new flush by autumn. It has come indoors this year - a second big freeze would do it too much damage in its fragile state.

26th November 2010

The big winter problem would seem to be radiation frosts that damage the leaves and set the plants back. I have started to cover them with black plastic through the winter and they have sailed through undamaged.

21st December 2016

My small plantation in the greenhouse were growing well when there was a small setback in April. Plant rustlers paid a nightime visit and removed half a dozen plants. Hopefully it is bored kids rather than anything more sinister and with luck it will not be repeated. I have put an impressive looking padlock on the door, but to be honest it is for display rather than any practical effect. It would be a matter of moments to remove a pane from the glazing and walk through the wall.
The remaining plants are growing well.

22nd July 2020