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Cyclamen repandum

Archive entry 15.03.09

Cyclamen repandum flowers in march. Tall dark flowers are produced form clusters of broad irregular leaves.The foliage is usually speckled with silver in a distinctive fractured , almost pixillated fashion, although green leaved forms are known.

The plants produce seed freely, and the seed rapidly grows to flowering size. The corms are small, and individual plants are not very long lived (by Cyclamen standards). The corms grow quite deeply in the soil, and a light woodland soil suits them well.

21st April 2006

17th March 2007

24th January 2008

5th April 2009

17th April 2013

18th April 2015

Grows naturally in Italy, the Croatian coast and the islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily where it flowers in spring (March to May for me). It has been very good in a large tub but recently I have seen it naturalising in a garden locally filling the shadows beneath box hedges with purple flowers. I have been too cautious!