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Cymbalaria muralis 'Brass Farthing'

24th August 2008

One of the benefits of growing awful weedy weeds is that from time to time an interesting seedling will turn up. I am hoping for great things from this gold leaved form as long as it survives!

21st June 2009

I was quite convinced that this had joined the Dodo on a great voyage into the unknown during the winter, but it seems it is tougher than that!
Picture shows a normal green leaf with the plant for comparison.

26th April 2013

29th March 2017

It was a decade ago now that I spotted this gold leaved seedling growing out of the barn wall. At the time I was preparing to renovate the building, a job that is still not complete. Time flies faster than masonry. I have a few little pockets around the greenhouse where golden seedlings appear, little markers of where I have stood the stock plant on occasion.

30th May 2020